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Why do the toners run out on my HP Laser printer when it says there is still 20% left?

HP laser printer cartridges have chips on them that monitor how many pages they have printed and how many more you can print before they run out. They are notoriously inaccurate and either tell you that you need to change the cartridge before they run out or tell you that they have hundreds of pages left when the toner has run out.

In the case of there being toner left, just ignore the messages and keep printing until one of the colour fades indicating that the cartridge is empty. It is really important when a toner is actually empty that you change it straight away because there is a possibility that the waste toner part of the cartridge is full and this will result in toner leaking into the printer and making it dirty.

The reason that the cartridges misreport is because the chips count the number of pages printed and calculate how many pages are left based on your historical usage. If you normally don’t print lots of full colour photos, you will get more than the number of pages the cartridges tell you will get, conversely, if you do print lots of pictures, you will get less. If you are an estate agent and print lots of pictures of houses, the blue and yellow cartridges will run out because you will be printing lots of blue and green.

The yield of each cartridge is based of a coverage of 5% of an A4 page, If you are printing pictures with lots of sky, sea and garden, the coverage of each colour can be as much as 50% so you will use ten times as much toner per page than is expected.

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