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Why are pages coming out of my HP Laser printer covered in toner?

This can happen for a few of reasons. If you have just put the toner cartridge in your printer it could be that the photosensitive roller has failed. This most commonly happens when the cartridge is quite old or has been stored in the light. It can also happen where a toner has been refilled and the drum has worn out. In the example here, it is because the toner is really old and the drum has become damaged due to age. The solution to this problem is don’t buy loads and loads of spare toners and then store them for a few years as they do expire. We don’t advise buying refilled toners as they generally do not work as well as compatible and original toners. The difference between refilled toner cartridges and compatible cartridges is that compatible ones generally just use the outer casing of a used toner cartridge and all the moving parts are replaced so that you end up with a lower price cartridge compared to the original.

The second reason you will see this sort of problem is where the drum and toner are separate. Brother laser printers generally have a toner component and a drum component. This makes the toners a bit cheaper to buy as you do not replace the drum each time you change the cartridge. But, the drums do wear out and when they do you will see black lines appearing on the prints or toner being deposited all over the drum like in this picture. Some of the more basic HP printers also have separate drums and toners.

The 3rd reason is that this might happen is generally seem in more complicated toner cartridges, and it is because a wiper blade has failed in the cartridge. This tends to only happen on high end colour cartridges and more commonly only really occurs on compatible ones. Sometimes they jam and you can unjam them by giving the cartridge a tap or separating the drum roller from the toner roller. If a simple fix does not work then the only option is to replace the cartridge.

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